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Issue 1

Editorial Note - Vol. 15, No. 1, 2021
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Resistance Factors at Serviceability Limit State Using the Texas Cone Penetrometer as the Predictive Model
Moghaddam, R. B., Seo, H., Lawson, W. D., Surles, J. G., & Jayawickrama, P. W.

Full-Scale Load Testing and Extraction of Augered Cast-in-Place (ACIP) Piles in Central Florida
Marinucci, A., Moghaddam, R. B., & NeSmith, W., Jr.

Geotechnical Resistances of Drilled Shafts in Triassic Basin Sedimentary Rocks
Turner, J. P. & Billiet, W. A.

Skin Friction Directionality in Monotonically-and Cyclically-Loaded Bio-inspired Piles in Sand
Martinez, A. & O'Hara, K.

Results of an Instrumented Static Loading Test and Its Application to Design Compilation of an International Survey
Fellenius, B. H.

Issue 2

Editorial Note - Vol. 15, No. 2, 2021
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

A Small-Scale Experimental Investigation on the Benefits of a Hybrid Pile/Footing System on Sand
Maadheedi, M.A., Hytiris, N. & Mickovski, S.B.

Lateral Spreading and Stability of Embankments Supported on Fractured Unreinforced High-Modulus Columns
Gallant, A. P. & Botero-Lopez, D.

Optimum Open Cell Sheet Pile (OCSP) Quay Wall System in Port Said, Egypt
Tolba, E. R., Abd-Ellah, S., Galal E., Ahmed Sallam E., and Ahmed Kamal, M.

Commentary to: Prediction, Testing, and Analysis of a 50 M Long Pile in Soft Marine Clay-Journal of the Deep Foundations Institute, 13(2) 1-7
Saye, S.R. & Stuedlein, A.W.

Model Uncertainties in Foundation Design
Samtani, N.C.

Evaluation of Negative Skin Friction on Bridge Abutment Piles
Drbe, O., El Naggar, M.H., Sadrekarimi, A.

Issue 1

Editorial Note - Vol. 14, No. 1, 2020
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Development of Experimental P-Y Curves from Centrifuge Tests for Piles Subjected to Static Loading and Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading
Souri, M., Khosravifar, A., Schlechter, S., McCullough, N. & Dickenson, S. E.

Safety Factor for Drilled Shaft Foundations Subjected to Wind-Induced Torsion
Aguilar, V., Nowak, A., Stallings, J. M. & Anderson, J. B.

Analysis of Strain-Gage Records from a Static Loading Test on a CFA Pile
Fellenius, B. H. & Ruban, T.

Theoretical “t-z” Curves for Piles in Radially Inhomogeneous Soil
Bateman, A. & Crispin, J.

Sensitivity Analysis of Soft Clay Parameters on an Existing Quay Wall at the East Port in Port Said, Egypt
Tolba, E. R., Abd Ellah, S., Galal, E. M., Sallam, E. A. & Kamal, M. A.

Issue 2

Editorial Note - Vol. 14, No. 2, 2020
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Behavior of Sand Compaction Columns Installed in Cohesionless Deposits
Aarthi, N.

Helical Pile Capacity-to-Torque Correlation: A More Reliable Capacity-to-Torque Factor Based on Full Scale Load Tests
Souissi, M., Cherry, J. A. & Siller, T.

How Soils Can Help Predict High Rebound of Prestressed Concrete Displacement Piles
Cosentino, P. J. & Horhota, D. J.

Shear Demands of Rock-Socketed Piles Subject to Cyclic Lateral Loading
Farrag, R., Cox, C., Turner, B. J. & Lemnitzer, A.

Use of Case Histories to Illustrate the Effect of Installation Activities on the Side Resistance of Pipe Piles in Plastic Soils
Saye, S., Kumm, B. & Stuedlein, A. W.

Issue 1

Editorial Note - Vol. 12, No. 1, 2018
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Scale Model Investigation of the Effect of Vertical Load on the Lateral Response of Micropiles in Sand
Kershaw, K. & Luna, R.

Micropiles Below Groundwater at the South Auditorium Block Site, Buffalo, New York
Nodine, M. C., Eggers, P., Walker, M. P. & Aubrecht, D. E.

Performance of Laterally Loaded Helical Piles in Clayey Soils Established From Field Experience
Sakr, M.

Case Study: H-Piles Driven Into Shale Rock for Compression and Uplift Resistance
Oweis, I. S. & Anthony, S.

Classification of Piles Based on the Results of Low Strain Pile Integrity Tests - Case Studies of Selected Piles in Lagos and Port-Harcourt, Nigeria
Bolarinwa, A., Kalatehjari, R. & Ogunwole, A. D.

Binder Threshold Approach to Predicting Soil Mixing Strength in Organic Soils
Costello, K., Baker, S. & Mullins, G.

Issue 2

Editorial Note - Vol. 12, No. 2, 2018
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Texas Cone Penetrometer Foundation Design Method: Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment
Moghaddam, R. B., Jayawickrama, P. W., Lawson, W. D., Surles, J. G. & Seo, H.

Wanapum Dam Repaired Using Post-Tensioning Anchors
Stein, A., Hughes, A. E., Deschamps, R. & Barkauskas, B. D.

Performance-Based Design of Energy Pile Foundations
Rotta Loria, A. F.

Advances in Stress-Wave Nondestructive Testing Methods for Evaluation of Deep Foundations
Kordjazi, A., Coe, J. T. & Mahvelati, S.

Comparison of FEA and Analytical Methods for Determining Stability of a RAP Supported MSE Wall
Reed, E. C. & VandenBerge, D. R.

Issue 3

Editorial Note - Vol. 12, No. 3, 2018
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Statistical Evaluation of Design Methods for Micropiles in Ontario Soils
Almeida, A. P. & Liu, J.

The Deep Soil Mixing for the Galataport Project in Istanbul, Turkey
Chiarabelli, M.

Settlement of Axially Loaded Pile Groups in Inhomogeneous Soil
Crispin, J. J. & Leahy, C. P.

A Sensitivity Analysis on the Parameters Affecting Large Diameter Helical Pile Installation Torque, Depth and Installation Power for Offshore Applications
Spagnoli, G., Tsuha, C. C., Oreste, P., Solarte, C. M.

Measured End Resistance of CFA and Drilled Displacement Piles in San Francisco Area Alluvial Clay
Siegel, T. C., Day, T. J., Turner, B. J. & Faust, P.

Issue 1

Editorial Note - Vol. 10, No. 1, 2016
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

A Novel in Situ Test for the Design of Drilled Foundations
A. S. Bradshaw, B. Reyes, C. DeVillers, P. Sauco

Comparison of Borehole Ultrasound and Borehole Radar in Evaluating the Length of Two Unknown Bridge Foundations
Coe, J. T. & Kermani, B.

Analyzing Thermal Integrity Profiling Data for Drilled Shaft Evaluation
Johnson, K. R.

Pile Load Transfer From Static Load Test Inversion
Bradshaw, A. S.

Experimental Investigation of Energy Pile Response for Bridge Deck Deicing Applications
Olgun, C. G. & Bowers, G. A.

Issue 2

Editorial Note - Vol. 10, No. 2, 2016
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

A Comparison of Design Practice of Bored Piles/Drilled Shafts Between Europe and North America
Brown, D. A., Wulleman, T. & Bottiau, M.

Kelly-Drilled Bored Piles: A Comparison of Construction Practices Between Europe and North America
Marinucci, A. & Jue, V.

A Comparison of Contracting Methods for Bored Pile (Drilled Shaft) Construction Between Europe and North America
Coleman, D. B. & Tipter, A.

A Comparison of Quality Management for Bored Pile/Drilled Shaft (BP/DS) Foundation Construction and the Implementation of Recent Technologies
Hertlein, B., Verbeek, G., Fassett, R. & Arnold, M.

Issue 3

Editorial Note - Vol. 10, No. 3, 2016
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Cyclic Axial Performance of Helical-Tapered Piles in Sand
Fahmy, A. & El Naggar, M. H.

Cyclic Lateral Performance of Helical Tapered Piles in Silty Sand
Fahmy, A. & El Naggar, M. H.

Analysis of Ground Vibrations Induced by Pile Driving and a Comparison of Vibration Prediction Methods
Cleary, J. C. & Steward, E. J.

Theory and Modelling of Negative Skin Friction on a Pile in Soil
Siegel, T. C. & Lucarelli, A.

Region-Specific Calibration of Resistance Factors for Use With Static and Wave Equation Analyses of Driven Piles
Bougataya, Y. & Stuedlein, A. W.

Issue 1

Editorial Note - Vol. 8, No. 1, 2014
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Energy Piles in Underpinning Projects - Through Holes in Load Transfer Structures
Lautkankare, R., Sarola, V. & Kanerva-Lehto, H.

Comparative Analyses of Large Diameter Bored Piles Using International Codes
El Gendy, M., El-Arabi, I. A. & Kamal, M. A.

Cross-Hole Sonic Logging and Frequency Tomography Analysis of Drilled Shaft Foundations to Better Evaluate Anomalies Locations
Hajali, M. & Abishdid, C.

Interpretation of Augered Cast in Place Pile Capacity Using Static Loading Tests
Stuedlein, A. W., Reddy, S. C. & Evans, T. M.

Towards Performance Based Design of Drilled Shafts
Ng, K.

Issue 2

Editorial Note - Vol. 8, No. 2, 2014
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.

Outcomes From International Workshop on Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems for Near-Surface Geothermal Energy: From Research to Practice
Olgun, C. G. & McCartney, J. S.

Identifying Best Practice, Installation, Laboratory Testing and Field Testing
Amis, T., McCartney, J. S., Loveridge, F. A., Olgun, C. G., Bruce, M. E. & Murphy, K.

Building Codes, Green Certification and Implementation Issues, Market Challenges
Olgun, C. G., McCartney, J. S., Loveridge, F. A., Bowers, G. A., Coccia, C. J., Bouazza, A., Soga, K., Spitler, J. D., Nicholson, D. & Sutman, M.

New Technologies and Applications: Materials and Equipment in Near Surface Geothermal Systems
Katzenbach, R., Olgun, C. G., Loveridge, F. A., Sutman, M., Bowers, G. A., McCartney, J. S., Laloui, L., Mimouni, T., Dupray, F., Spitler, J. D., Clauss, F., Meyer, L. L. & Akrouch, G.

Issues Involved With Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems: Characterization of Thermomechanical Soil Behavior and Soil-Structure Interface Behavior
Laloui, L., Olgun, C. G., Sutman, M., McCartney, J. S., Coccia, C. J., Abuel-Naga, H. M. & Bowers, G. A.

Design Tools for Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems
Bourne-Webb, P., Pereira, J. M., Bowers, G. A., Mimouni, T., Loveridge, F. A., Burlon, S., Olgun, C. G., McCartney, J. S. & Sutman, J.

Environmental Impact Calculations, Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Nicholson, D., Smith, P., Bowers, G. A., Cuceoglu, F., Olgun, C. G., McCartney, J. S., Henry, K., Meyer, L. L. & Loveridge, F. A.

Issue 1

Editorial Note - Vol. 5, No. 1, 2011
Porbaha, A., Brown, D. A., & Zafir, Z.

Non-Destructive Testing, Evaluation and Optimization of Existing Deep Foundations for Re-Use Along the East Coast
Meyer, M. E. & Frizzi, R.

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Underwater Ground Anchors
Sciacca, L., Valmori, F., Melegari, C., Maletti, F., Lenzi, M., Campana, P. & Padovani, V.

Slope Stabilisation of a Section of the Thirlmere Aqueduct by the Use of Spaced Micropiles and Permeation Grouting
Preece, D.

Installation and Performance Characteristics of High Capacity Helical Piles in Cohesionless Soils
Sakr, M.

Behavior of Grouted Shaft Helical Anchors in Clay
Lutenegger, A. J.

Simplified Settlement Model for a Shallow Foundation on Composite Ground With Rigid Piles
Siegel, T. C.

Issue 2

Editorial Note - Vol. 5, No. 2, 2011
Porbaha, A., Brown, D. A., & Zafir, Z.

Foundations for the New Mississippi River Bridge, St. Louis
Axtell, P. J. & Brown, D. A.

Geotechnical Exploration Phase Drilled Shaft Load Testing
Vanderpool, W., Chesnut, R. & McGettigan, M.

Lateral Load Testing Micropiles to Evaluate the Impact of Threaded Joints and Casing Embedment on Short Micropiles in Shallow Rock
Anderson, J. B. & Babalola, M.

Hyperbolic P-Y Model for Static and Cyclic Lateral Loading Derived From Full-Scale Lateral Load Testing in Cemented Loess Soils
Dapp, S., Brown, D. A. & Parsons, R.

Determination of Pile Damage in Concrete Piles
Verbeek, G. & Middendorp, P.

Hollow Threaded Rebar for Cross Hole Sonic Logging Access Tubes Combined With Longitudinal Concrete Reinforcing in Drilled Shafts
Alter, J.

Issue 1

Editorial Note - Vol. 3, No. 1, 2009
Porbaha, A., Brown, D. A., & Zafir, Z.

Evaluating Axial Elastic Pile Response from Cone Penetration Tests
Mayne, P. W. & Niazi, F.

Test Pile Program to Determine Axial Capacity and Pile Setup for the Biloxi Bay Bridge
Thompson, III, W. R., Held, L. & Saye, S.

Reduction of Local Scour Around Cylindrical Bridge Piers Using Upstream Protective Piles
Bhattacharya, A. K. & Basack, S.

Soil Inclusions in Jet Grout Columns
Stark, T. D., Axtell, P. J., Lewis, J., Dillon, J., Empson, W., Topi, J. & Walberg, F.

Effect of Pressurized Drilling Methods on the Lateral Load Capacity of Drilled Shafts - A Practical Insight and an Analytical Approach
Bezgin, O.

Development of Design Practice for Piles in Stiff Glacial Till
Gavin, K.

Issue 2

Editorial Note - Vol. 3, No. 2, 2009
Porbaha, A., Brown, D. A., & Zafir, Z.

Suction Piles and Suction Anchors for Offshore Structures
Bang, S., Jones, K. D., Cho, Y. & Kwag, D. J.

Characterization of Loess for Deep Foundations
Parsons, R., Johnson, R., Brown, D. A., Dapp, S. & Brennan, J.

Uncertainty and Bias in Evaluation of LRFD Ultimate Limit State for Axially Loaded Driven Piles
Schneider, J.

Lateral Performance of Two-Section Helical Piles in Soft Soils
Sakr, M.

A Case Study of Passive Piles Failure in Open Excavation
Kok, S. T., Huat, B. B. K., Noorzaei, J., Jaafar, M. S. & Gue, S. S.

A Comparison of Open Drilled Shafts to Temporarily Cased Drilled Shafts in Clay Soil
Witherspoon, W. T.

Evolution of Top of Pile Measurement Techniques in Deep Foundation Static Load Testing
Sinnreich, J. & Simpson, R.