Volume 8, Issue 2 (2014)

Editorial Note - Vol. 8, No. 2, 2014 (20140802)
Lemnitzer, A. & Siegel, T. C.
Identifying Best Practice, Installation, Laboratory Testing and Field Testing (2014080202)
Amis, T., McCartney, J. S., Loveridge, F. A., Olgun, C. G., Bruce, M. E. & Murphy, K.
Building Codes, Green Certification and Implementation Issues, Market Challenges (2014080203)
Olgun, C. G., McCartney, J. S., Loveridge, F. A., Bowers, G. A., Coccia, C. J., Bouazza, A., Soga, K., Spitler, J. D., Nicholson, D. & Sutman, M.
New Technologies and Applications: Materials and Equipment in Near Surface Geothermal Systems (2014080204)
Katzenbach, R., Olgun, C. G., Loveridge, F. A., Sutman, M., Bowers, G. A., McCartney, J. S., Laloui, L., Mimouni, T., Dupray, F., Spitler, J. D., Clauss, F., Meyer, L. L. & Akrouch, G.
Issues Involved With Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems: Characterization of Thermomechanical Soil Behavior and Soil-Structure Interface Behavior (2014080205)
Laloui, L., Olgun, C. G., Sutman, M., McCartney, J. S., Coccia, C. J., Abuel-Naga, H. M. & Bowers, G. A.
Design Tools for Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems (2014080206)
Bourne-Webb, P., Pereira, J. M., Bowers, G. A., Mimouni, T., Loveridge, F. A., Burlon, S., Olgun, C. G., McCartney, J. S. & Sutman, J.
Environmental Impact Calculations, Life Cycle Cost Analysis (2014080207)
Nicholson, D., Smith, P., Bowers, G. A., Cuceoglu, F., Olgun, C. G., McCartney, J. S., Henry, K., Meyer, L. L. & Loveridge, F. A.