DFI Journal - The Journal of the Deep Foundations Institute

Volume 5, Issue 2, January 2011

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Hyperbolic P-Y Model for Static and Cyclic Lateral Loading Derived from Full-Scale Lateral Load Testing in Cemented Loess Soils

Steven Dapp, Dan A. Brown, Robert L. Parsons


"A new hyperbolic model for generating P-Y curves is developed for use in lateral analyses of cemented soils (a “C-F” soil with both cohesive intercept and friction angle), and includes degradation of the static loading soil response to model the effects of load cycling (repeated loading) with load cycle number. The p-y curves, for both static and cyclic loading, were derived from full-scale lateral test results conducted on a set of six drilled shafts in a loess deposit at the Kansas DOT test site. Values of the model parameters obtained from the load testing at this site are presented, as well as a discussion of the model parameters effect on the results such that the model may be rationally applied to other sites with C-F type soils. A step-by-step procedure is presented to illustrate the application of the model. Correlation of the model to the CPT cone tip resistance (qc) from CPT testing is made, as this was found to be the most reliable; However, the model is applicable to other methods, both in-situ and laboratory, of assessing the soils strength."

lateral loess cemented p-y hyperbolic cyclic